Safety Information

We’re committed to the safety of everyone we work with or around. We do this by following a Comprehensive Safety Policy and a Drug and Alcohol free work place.

Operators Certifications

  • OSHA 10 Hour Construction (OSHA)
  • Site Specific Certifications (for different work sites)

Operator Training

  • Orientation of all new workers (GCPST,ACPA)
  • Proper Driving Techniques in a Concrete Pump (ACPA,GCPST)
  • Defensive Driving Techniques (JJ Keller,GCPST)
  • Pre and Post Trip Inspections (JJ Keller,ACPA,GCPST)
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety (JJ Keller,GCPST)
  • Safe Work Practices Around Concrete Pump(ACPA,GCPST)
  • Proper Set up of a Concrete Pump(ACPA,GCPST)
  • Proper Clean out of a Concrete Pump(ACPA,GCPST)
  • Random Safety Training
  • Site Specific Training (for different work sites)